Coming in Clear with Walkie-Talkies and Two-Way Radios

Even though the terms might seem interchangeable, there actually is a difference between walkie-talkies and two-way radios. Its a good idea to learn the difference between the two if you're trying to decide on an effective means of communication for your business, restaurant or nursing home.

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Walking the Line

The very first walkie-talkies we're created during World War II for military use and we're soon used by the public once the war ended. One thing that hasn't changed about modern day walkie-talkies is that they still utilize a push-to-talk feature. Youll find that there are various types of walkie-talkies, ranging from toy units to those intended to be used for public safety.

Commercial walkie-talkies are made with metal cases and have a more durable appearance. Usually, they only have a few frequencies programmed into them since they're most often used for public safety and business, both of which have to stick with specific frequencies. Walkie-talkies that are intended for consumer use, on the other hand, are usually smaller, lighter and able to access a variety of channels inside of a specific band. Another feature of walkie-talkies is that even the most powerful can only put out a few watts of power and have a rather narrow communication range.

Two-Way Street

While two-way radios also use a push-to-talk feature, they can receive and send simultaneously, much like a cellular phone. One of the great things about two-way radios is that they don't have to depend on a cell tower the way that cell phones do or telephone lines the way that regular phones do. Theres also the fact that specific frequencies can be programmed right into a two-way radio if you need to use them for business purposes.

There are several different types of two-way radio technologies, systems, sub-groups and specific radio models available. In some cases, communication data with two-way radios can be either analog or digital.

Learn the most effective means of communication so that you can always be sure that your message is coming in loud and clear.

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