3 Advantages of Using Prepaid Calling Cards

Prepaid calling cards bring down the cost of international calls substantially. The call rates are much lower than the normal rates. Moreover when you buy these cards you can avail discounts and bonus offers like free minutes and free message packs. They are perfect for making international calls.

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The foremost advantage of using a prepaid calling card is the saving on the call charges. Besides the low call charges and the discounts, you can use these cards to call from a domestic line and so you do not need to pay for subscribing to an international line. All these reduce your international calling expenses considerably. Plus, using prepaid calling cards can help keep tab on your expenses as well .

The prepaid calling cards come with a pin that can be registered for your entire set of home numbers mobiles as well as landlines. Once they are registered you do not need to dial the PIN every time you call. The network recognizes these numbers automatically.

Speed dialing is another great feature that these phone cards offer. You can save your frequently called numbers along with the country codes against single digits. When dialing the numbers all you need to dial is # followed by the corresponding digit. This let's you save a lot on time and makes calling international numbers less of a hassle. International calls also are made less hassle free in another way . The voice quality offered is usually very superior and chances of a network failure or call drop is rare when using a prepaid calling card.

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