5 Tips for Running a Social Sweepstake

A sweepstake is a new form of social media contest which big brands such as Pepsi, Amazon and O2 are now implementing into their social media marketing strategy. The aim of a sweepstake is simple, to grow engagement (by activating your community) and have an end aim such as data collection or an end sale.

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The majority of sweepstakes are held in order to gain consumer information such as an email which you can then target within future marketing campaigns. However, some still use sweepstakes with the aim, that one day, the winner or even looser may remember your brand and make a purchase as a result of the original sweepstake.

However, with so many sweepstakes now taking place online how can you gain engagement with yours? Within this article I share five tips to gaining top engagement and end targets with a social media sweepstake.

#1: Offer Multiple Prizes

Simply offering one prize is certain to make your sweepstake a failure. With the aim of hundreds or thousands to take part in your sweepstake you need to offer a number of products. In my experience three prizes is the perfect number of prizes to offer and It's best to offer the highest cost prize to the winner and then lower valued products for the runner ups. But never over compensate for participants; if you offer ten or twenty prizes it takes away both the excitement and exclusivity of your sweepstake.

#2: Give an Incentive to Share

Rewarding people for sharing your sweepstake with friends and family is a great way to gain further exposure. Many social sweepstakes reward individuals for sharing the contest by giving them a higher chance at winning. Simply saying, share with your friends to have your name entered twice is a great way to encourage people to share, or even allow people to enter twice with a simple retweet!

#3: Give Away a Relevant Prizes

Dont give away a iPad if you're a drinks company, don't give away a free beauty session if your a building firm. And never give away a competitors product! Remember to always keep your prize relevant to your business. It's also highly recommended that you give away one or more of your own products. Offering a relevant prize will help bring the focus of your sweepstake back to your business and your businesses marketing efforts.

#4: Don,t Be Scared to Introduce Media

Its a well known fact that videos and pictures gain the most engagement on social media and it's no different with contests. Ask your community to upload a video, or share a picture with your product in etc. or use a video to launch the sweepstake.

#5: Don,t Hold too Many Sweepstakes

Even big international brands limit the number of sweepstakes they hold and so should you. By holding too many sweepstakes you are losing the exclusivity of your contest and the majority of the community are less likely to rush and take part with the knowledge that you will hold another one next week. I suggest doing one sweepstake a month (or four per year for small businesses) and keeping your sweepstake open for one week (two at the most).

These five tips should help you gain more engagement and further exposure for your next social sweepstake. If you have tips of your own then drop them in the comment section below.

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