About Local Access Numbers and Telephones

LAN in telecommunication parlance refers to Local Access Network. It is the phone number used to link to an internet service provider or other network provider using a dial-up connection. It is a telephone number used to dial into the internet or other online service or network.

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Now, what is the underlying mechanism behind this technology? You may want to know how this technology works. Well, it is just an advanced contraption of the traditional phone call system we had before. This may sound a bit technical but I will try to break it down as much as possible for easy comprehension. Lets see what happens when you make a phone call using a local access number . The telephone network begins in your house from the pair of copper wires that runs from a box at the road and terminating at your house.For those with two phone lines in their houses, it is two separate pairs of copper wires that will run from the road to your house. The pair of wires is connected to each phone jack in your house. They usually come in red and green colors while the second pair inside your house is usually in yellow and black. Along the road runs a thick cable containing approximately a hundred or more copper pairs. This thick cable either connects you directly to the phone companys switch in your vicinity or runs to a device that acts as a digital concentrator.

The Concentrator digitizes your voice at a rate of 8,000 samples per second and 8-bit resolution. Your voice is then combined with dozens of others and sent down a fiber optic cable. This connects your line into a line card at the switch that triggers the dial tone you hear when you pick up your phone. Although modern researches into improving on this technology still persist, yet, it still remains a viable tool in information dissemination.

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