Why Worry about Good IntranetWriting?

Many corporations now have large intranet portals so all employees can access and share information. A corporate intranet is fundamental for internal communication, collaborative work and sharing successes.

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Why worry about this writing? Only your employees and colleagues view it and they base their opinion of you on your contributions to projects and technical knowledge, right?

Nope. Appearances including intranet copy matter. In fact, employees learn most about their company through it's written communications.

Employees absorb the intranet's messages and tone, and this profoundly impacts their engagement, perception of the company's stability and belief that their work is valued.

When the writing is sloppy and riddled with mistakes, employees may believe the company doesn't care about details. When the writing and design are outdated, they may think that the leadership resists the change required to move forward.

Your employees and colleagues deserve a well-organized and high-quality intranet. Show them that you respect their time and hard work by creating an intuitive intranet portal that includes engaging and insightful writing.


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