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There are four main types of business telephone systems voice over internet protocol (VOIP), key telephone systems, private branch exchange telephone systems (PBX) and KSU-less telephone systems. All these provide the basic need of most businesses i.e. to communicate with clients anywhere in the world on a high quality line. For businesses who need more than that, it is worth knowing more about the characteristics of each of them

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Private Branch Exchange Telephone Systems (PBX) Unlike other telephone systems, this one is compact and flexible. It has more features than the other options and is easier to upgrade and to customize according to your needs. It can hold over fifty extensions and so is a good choice for large companies. However, as this system is the most advanced and provides the biggest capacity, it is the most expensive one.

Key Telephone Systems This is a good choice for small businesses who have between ten and fifty employees. However, even if you have less than ten employees, you should still consider this telephone system because it is cost-effective and easy to install / maintain. It is not difficult to expand this system (it can also be combined with a PBX system) if needs be too.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) This telephone system works over the Internet. You basically connect your phone directly into your computer. Features include number portability, voicemail and call waiting with caller ID. It is perfect for small businesses with limited numbers of employees but is impractical for larger businesses.

KSU-Less Telephone Systems This is the most common type of telephone system in use which is testament to the fact that it provides what most small businesses need. It can accommodate up to ten extensions, is easy to install and can be moved from one office to another (if you need to relocate). It is not particularly easy to upgrade, which is it's only real drawback.

Ultimately, which telephone system you use is less down to personal preference and more down to the size of your business and how much you expect it to grow over the next few years. If you are not sure which one to opt for then speaking to a consultant at a firm that specializes in these systems is advisable.

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