The School of Accountancy

If there's one thing people in the School of Accountancy at Harbert College can agree on, it's the superior quality of the faculty. Students cite their instructors as the heart and soul of the accounting program at Auburn. Sarah Elizabeth Godwin, a graduate student at Auburn, says, My teachers taught me both accounting and life skills. Auburn is a unique school because the staff are eager to help and get to know their students on a personal level.

It seems that students admiration of the faculty goes beyond it's stellar rsums and their reputation of being some of the most skilled instructors in the country. The key factor that sets them apart from other instructors is their ability to connect with students individually. Miles Lee, another graduate student, echoes this sentiment, saying, I like how the students and faculty are a family. While the word family may conjure thoughts of bickering and the struggle to pick a restaurant everyone agrees on, the School of Accountancy faculty bring out the best in their students and vice versa.

It isn't just the students who sing the faculty's praises, though; even the instructors themselves are keen to a sense of camaraderie within the department. Dr. Duane Brandon, an accounting professor, says his favorite part of the School of Accountancy is, The faculty. Hands down. The Auburn accounting faculty, in addition to being great friends and colleagues, are among the best teachers I am aware of. They are also great people who deeply care about the success of their students.

In turn, the students recognize and appreciate the professors investment in their academic and personal lives. Harrison Mills, Auburn Universitys current SGA president, sums up his thoughts on the Schools faculty and says, They know their students academically, professionally, and personally, and they work tirelessly to invest their knowledge, experience, and expertise into every undergraduate and graduate student in the School.

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